Gamer Q&A

29. Jan, 2018

alrighty Welty, thanks for joining in on the Q&A, first up Where are you from?

Nottinghamshire in England

that's half a world away haha, how did you start gaming? and has there been any memorable moments while gaming?

I’ve always liked racing games, but I discovered competitive racing back in January of 2016, and I’ve not been able to stop ever since.
Most memorable moment from gaming was probably my first win, a 10 Lap race at Catalunya while being chased down the whole way. Was a great day.

you never forget that first hard earned win, so what game is your fav these days and what games are you looking forward too?

My favourite game to lap around is Project Cars 2, however racing on Forza 7 is more enjoyable. F1 2018 is probably the nearest announced game that I’m looking forward to, and I’m hoping the servers are good enough this time, unlike last year...

Games are released these days in a beta form and constantly updated so don't expect anything or just wait a few months and it will be cheaper too, Being over the pond have you been to any iconic racing circuits? what was your thoughts on those tracks?

I’ve been to Silverstone before which is nice. I really enjoy sitting at Turn 1 and watching the cars absolutely committed. It’s a fun track to be at.

that's awesome do you plan on going to any other circuits?

I plan to when I’ve got a bit more money, I don’t travel abroad too often, and when I do it’s never to a track. Of course I’d like to see Le Mans, Spa and a Nurburgring race. They’d be pretty cool to see

oh yes they would lucky bugger, final question what is your gamer fuel (drink/snack) ?

Mmm... I’m not one for drinks or snacks before racing or something, but when I do it’s usually Coke or a fizzy drink to that effect

is pepsi okay haha, thanks for taking part in the TTG Gamer Q&A, see you on the track.

29. Jan, 2018

Here we are again, another member and admin of Group I3 Racing on facebook I34CON.

Hey John first out of the gates, Where can we find you lurking these days?

At the local pub haha. Usually in Ayr NQ

I have actually been to your place and the pub pretty much next door haha, What is your gaming story? How did you come about playing games and then going online?

I've been playing games on PC since 386SX processors were new. I first started playing online with Counter-Strike 1.3 and it's been a wild ride ever since.

Nice, so what has you hooked these days and are you looking forward to any new games?

Massively into World of Tanks at the moment. Forza 7 is also cosuming some of my time. I don't chops and change much so I stick with one game for a long time thus I usually get excited about games long after they've already been out for months haha

Yeah everyday I see you grinding for those tanks, you also run your own group organising racing series on forza, tell us abit about that and what you have planned? I'm not going to steal it this time my calendar is set hah

Yeah that's right mate. I run a casual racing night page on facebook. I love reliving some events from the past and also have a passion for close racing so I try to make sure above  all else that everybody has fun. This year I have plenty of one off races and a few championships planned through Forza 7 with prizes planned. Because I have more money than sense..

Yeah and the events are always a hoot, from the great party chat and even better racing, final question what is your gamer fuel (drink/snack) ?

I usually have a beer or two before racing. Otherwise I enjoy a large cup of the finest blend 43

both excellent choices, thanks for taking part in the TTG Gamer Q&A, see you online mate.

27. Jan, 2018

Hey guys, its that time again where we sit down with a random community member and ask some equally random questions, in an attempt to get to know them a little better! This time its Jake Lamaro, but you might know him as lll AUZZIE lll. 

TTG - Alrighty Auzzie where abouts in this big wide world do you live?

Jake - I live in Perth wa

TTG - Ah yes, otherwise known as the Desert to us East Coasters, Whats your gaming story how did you come about playing games and then going online?

Jake - Haha yeah, So when I was young My Mum got me a ps1 when they were pretty new used to play gran tourismo which got me started on racing games. Ended up discovering online when I moved to Australia and lived in Broome there wasn’t really much to do so convinced my parents it was a good idea for me to start playing online

TTG - Nice, I find gaming to be an excellent way to keep your brain firing on all cylinders, how about your favourite game so far and what games are you looking forward too?

Jake - Yeah definitely
Favourite game is hard one but my favourite game would have to be forza 4
I’m actually looking forward to the Dakar rally game that’s being made something a bit different to what we have atm, also looking forward to far cry 5.

TTG - Yes I am keeping an eye on DAKAR also hopefully it simulates soft sand etc some players might get stuck in a giant sand dune hole like what happpend in this years real DAKAR, what games have you been finding enjoyable these days?

Jake - Tbh haven’t been playing as much as I used to but I still enjoy going onto forza 7 having a few races and have been sort of enjoying pubg but atm haven’t had much time to really get into it haha

TTG - Life does get in the way doesn't it haha, final question What is your gamer fuel (Fav Drink)?

Jake - Favourite gaming fuel would have to be a cold beer

TTG - As the old VB ads once said "a hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer" thanks for taking part in the TTG Gamer Q&A, see you on track Auzzie.

27. Jan, 2018

Hey guys, its that time again where we sit down with a random community member and ask some equally random questions, in an attempt to get to know them a little better! This time its Len Booth, but you might know him as Rinkly. 

TTG - Alrighty young gun Lenny, first off what age are you at this very moment?

Len - 79

TTG - Wow, that's Amazing I bet you have a ton of stories you could share, any that stand out from the rest?

Len - An eagle dive bombed my coach on the way to Darwin one morning , finished up half in and half out of the left hand windscreen . Lady in the front seat needed a change of undies.

TTG - Haha I bet she did, so you were a coach driver at one point, where has your life taken you and what jobs have you been doing?

Len - Started life in the north of England 1938, survived ww2 , left school at 14 did app sheet metal worker. Went in the army ,got married in 1958 . We had 5 children , times were tough in the 60s . Had to work 3 jobs when i came out of the army in order to house and feed them all. The 3 jobs where 4.30 am deliver news papers to the shops , work day job till 5.30 pm in the evening roady for a hammond organ player. 3 or 4 hours of sleep and do it all over again. In 1976 packed wife and 3 kids and came to Oz . Best move ever otherwise i would have been dead a long time ago.

TTG - Well haven't you been busy, what about gaming and online gaming, How and When did it start for you?

Len - Back in the late 80s when Panasonic brought out the first disc consul the 3DO . It had the first ever NFS that got me hooked.

TTG - Wow I actually had to look up the 3DO as ive never heard of it, to think those graphics must have been ground-breaking in those days, Now what games are you looking forward to playing?

Len - I have a gaming computer , X1X , P/Spro . I like FPS , car , trucks and find the item puzzles . But now im   not quick enough to go online so mainly play against the arty ideots .

TTG - Awesome, a man of many cultures, that's why I like SPINTIRES you can play at your own pace to get the job done and sometimes slower is better than getting bogged. Ok one last question what's your gamer fuel (favourite drink)?

Len - Back in the day when we had fun playing Forza . It was Stu  Whack Rinkly and lots of other real cool guys . Rum & Port or dark beer went down well . Unfortunately my medication has cut down my enjoyment , so now its a mug of Yorkshire tea .

TTG - You were one of my first online mates with whacked there too, we have so much fun when we get online and just mess around haha, I have had the pleasure of being your mate for many years now, you are one of the good ones rinkly,  thanks for taking time out of your day to answer a few questions and hope to see the cheeky monkeys return to the track.

Len - If you did one of those fun nights with bouncy cars or slow down cars trying to climb up Bathurst hill the wrong way . I miss the mountain climb they should bring back that track .

TTG - I will be sure to set something up in between a series in future.

Len - Yes please

20. Aug, 2017
Hey guys, its that time again where we sit down with a random community member and ask some equally random questions, in an attempt to get to know them a little better! This time its Tyrone Choyce, but you might know him as N3M3S1S72.
TTG - Mate, how did you come up with that?
N3M - Should of thought that one out a little, it's a pain to type. 72 coz I'm a mature gamer (laughs)
TTG - Ah yes,aren't we all... Where in the world do you race from?
N3M - I'm a born and bred Perth boy Western Australia. I've tried to leave but I must have a boomerang in my body somewhere?!
TTG - Ive heard its pretty third world over that way, when did games first become available over there?
N3M - When did I start gaming? Well I remember when space invaders came out and I played Atari when I was a little tacka. A huge break between then and about 10 Years ago my dad bought me a Xbox 360 where I discovered COD and I played the shit out of it, to the point where I was dreaming the game in my sleep. (TTG - Mannnn, Halo 2 had me dreaming every night of Team BR - headshot, headshot, headshot!) But then I bought the Xbox one for the Nurburgring in forza and that's where it got out of control, that's when I became a gamer.
TTG - We're so glad Forza cemented you to your couch, but how you your all time favorite game?
N3M - All time would have to be Forza 6 purely because of the amount of hours I pumped into it! It's a great sim style game.
TTG - And what have you been thrashing lately?
N3M - I've been flat out for about a year and a half playing Forza 6, and recently BF1.
TTG - That time of year is coming, what games are you most looking forward to?
N3M - I'm patiently waiting for Forza 7 but Project Cars 2 has really got my attention going from all the footage I've seen since E3.
TTG - Awesome titles man, we're all keen to play. One last proper random question for the punters out there. Whats your poison?
N3M - What's my poison? Well I've done my fair share of clubbing, raving, festivals and the associated yeee haaaaing that goes with it so these days I don't really drink. But if I had to give an answer I would say a nice top shelf scotch & dry or a top notch Shiraz that's like mothers milk.
TTG - (laughs) Ahhh, I'm just imagining all my favourite raver GIF's right now!
N3M - (laughs) Thanks for providing such a well organised group.
TTG - We can thank Stu for that mate!
You can rub doors with N3M3S1S next weekend at Virginia International Raceway in the CTSC where he sits in 6th place in the ST class, and as a consistent top 5 finisher, you'll need to learn right forwards to even get close enough!