20. Aug, 2017


Hey guys, its that time again where we sit down with a random community member and ask some equally random questions, in an attempt to get to know them a little better! This time its Tyrone Choyce, but you might know him as N3M3S1S72.
TTG - Mate, how did you come up with that?
N3M - Should of thought that one out a little, it's a pain to type. 72 coz I'm a mature gamer (laughs)
TTG - Ah yes,aren't we all... Where in the world do you race from?
N3M - I'm a born and bred Perth boy Western Australia. I've tried to leave but I must have a boomerang in my body somewhere?!
TTG - Ive heard its pretty third world over that way, when did games first become available over there?
N3M - When did I start gaming? Well I remember when space invaders came out and I played Atari when I was a little tacka. A huge break between then and about 10 Years ago my dad bought me a Xbox 360 where I discovered COD and I played the shit out of it, to the point where I was dreaming the game in my sleep. (TTG - Mannnn, Halo 2 had me dreaming every night of Team BR - headshot, headshot, headshot!) But then I bought the Xbox one for the Nurburgring in forza and that's where it got out of control, that's when I became a gamer.
TTG - We're so glad Forza cemented you to your couch, but how you your all time favorite game?
N3M - All time would have to be Forza 6 purely because of the amount of hours I pumped into it! It's a great sim style game.
TTG - And what have you been thrashing lately?
N3M - I've been flat out for about a year and a half playing Forza 6, and recently BF1.
TTG - That time of year is coming, what games are you most looking forward to?
N3M - I'm patiently waiting for Forza 7 but Project Cars 2 has really got my attention going from all the footage I've seen since E3.
TTG - Awesome titles man, we're all keen to play. One last proper random question for the punters out there. Whats your poison?
N3M - What's my poison? Well I've done my fair share of clubbing, raving, festivals and the associated yeee haaaaing that goes with it so these days I don't really drink. But if I had to give an answer I would say a nice top shelf scotch & dry or a top notch Shiraz that's like mothers milk.
TTG - (laughs) Ahhh, I'm just imagining all my favourite raver GIF's right now!
N3M - (laughs) Thanks for providing such a well organised group.
TTG - We can thank Stu for that mate!
You can rub doors with N3M3S1S next weekend at Virginia International Raceway in the CTSC where he sits in 6th place in the ST class, and as a consistent top 5 finisher, you'll need to learn right forwards to even get close enough!