Gamer Q&A

20. Jul, 2017

Okay Folks, new content here on TTG!

We're going to do a few random member Q and A's over the next weeks. So if you get a message from some guy you don't know then you're up... no homo.

First up, a long time gamer from round the traps who haunts PC and XBL regularly. Current ST class leader in our fortnightly CTSC. He is a, and his name is, STONDKIWI.

TTG - Mr Stond Kiwi, thanks for signing up for this. First question, obvious answer. Where in the heck are you?

ST - Christchurch, South Island, N zud

TTG - Yep, and how did you get onto TTG?

ST - Oh man, i dont know, its been too long. I just kind of knew a few guys i guess

TTG - Good enough answer. When did you start gaming?

ST- Whoa, this is going back. I paid 1000 dollars for a Sega Master System the day it came out. I cant even remember how old i was haha

TTG - Yeah no shit! what were you playing?

ST - Nah cant remember... um Alex Kid obviously

TTG - What are you playing now then?

ST - Assetto Corsa and Project Cars on PC and Battlefield on Xbox. And you may as well throw Forza 6 in there as well.

TTG - Nice. Veering off track a little now, whats your favorite gaming snack?

ST - Smoking out of a cone like shaped thing. Don't tell my missus I said that... I don't actually smoke anymore... when she's around.

TTG - Haha, and what's your poison?

ST - Um nah im a non drinker. But ill sink a box of Corona's

TTG - Alright, cheers man for being the first Q&A participant!

ST - Nah that's cool man all good!

Make sure you squad up with kiwi on battlefield next time you see him. Or give him a bump and run in the CTSC on Forza


-- Ssempers Spiel --