27. Jan, 2018


Hey guys, its that time again where we sit down with a random community member and ask some equally random questions, in an attempt to get to know them a little better! This time its Len Booth, but you might know him as Rinkly. 

TTG - Alrighty young gun Lenny, first off what age are you at this very moment?

Len - 79

TTG - Wow, that's Amazing I bet you have a ton of stories you could share, any that stand out from the rest?

Len - An eagle dive bombed my coach on the way to Darwin one morning , finished up half in and half out of the left hand windscreen . Lady in the front seat needed a change of undies.

TTG - Haha I bet she did, so you were a coach driver at one point, where has your life taken you and what jobs have you been doing?

Len - Started life in the north of England 1938, survived ww2 , left school at 14 did app sheet metal worker. Went in the army ,got married in 1958 . We had 5 children , times were tough in the 60s . Had to work 3 jobs when i came out of the army in order to house and feed them all. The 3 jobs where 4.30 am deliver news papers to the shops , work day job till 5.30 pm in the evening roady for a hammond organ player. 3 or 4 hours of sleep and do it all over again. In 1976 packed wife and 3 kids and came to Oz . Best move ever otherwise i would have been dead a long time ago.

TTG - Well haven't you been busy, what about gaming and online gaming, How and When did it start for you?

Len - Back in the late 80s when Panasonic brought out the first disc consul the 3DO . It had the first ever NFS that got me hooked.

TTG - Wow I actually had to look up the 3DO as ive never heard of it, to think those graphics must have been ground-breaking in those days, Now what games are you looking forward to playing?

Len - I have a gaming computer , X1X , P/Spro . I like FPS , car , trucks and find the item puzzles . But now im   not quick enough to go online so mainly play against the arty ideots .

TTG - Awesome, a man of many cultures, that's why I like SPINTIRES you can play at your own pace to get the job done and sometimes slower is better than getting bogged. Ok one last question what's your gamer fuel (favourite drink)?

Len - Back in the day when we had fun playing Forza . It was Stu  Whack Rinkly and lots of other real cool guys . Rum & Port or dark beer went down well . Unfortunately my medication has cut down my enjoyment , so now its a mug of Yorkshire tea .

TTG - You were one of my first online mates with whacked there too, we have so much fun when we get online and just mess around haha, I have had the pleasure of being your mate for many years now, you are one of the good ones rinkly,  thanks for taking time out of your day to answer a few questions and hope to see the cheeky monkeys return to the track.

Len - If you did one of those fun nights with bouncy cars or slow down cars trying to climb up Bathurst hill the wrong way . I miss the mountain climb they should bring back that track .

TTG - I will be sure to set something up in between a series in future.

Len - Yes please